Accommodation capacity

128 beds and places of which:


  • 44 beds in surgery in 8 beds of post-interventional surveillance (alarm clock) and 02 room suite,
  • 15 beds in obstetric gynecology, including 02 large suites room,
  • 12 beds for outpatient surgery,
  • 36 medical beds including 02 suites room,
  • 10 multipurpose intensive care beds,
  • 10 boxes of neonatology.




  • 06 operating rooms,
  • 01 endoscopy room,
  • 08 post-interventional surveillance posts,
  • 02 obstetrical blocks,
  • 04 birthing box,
  • A set of state-of-the-art conventional radiology equipment, including a scanner,
  • 01 monitoring area for intensive care (10 beds in multipurpose intensive care),
  • 02 isolation areas for infectious risk (in intensive care).


On the first floor, the Polyclinic has a central block Operating rooms with 4 clean rooms and 2 septic rooms, with implementation of the latest international recommendations for air treatment, ensuring a strict asepsis, with complete equipment, which allows us to claim the status of “Trauma center” last generation.


Eventually, our polyclinic plans to set up a biology equipment for medically assisted procreation.