Technical platform

An institution serving patients of all nationalities
Our establishment welcomes any person, regardless of his nationality, family status, age, provided that his state of health requires care. It is for us an ethical principle that it is imperative to respect.
Our offer of care declines in specialized poles, organized as follows:
Emergency medicine pole
Medecine pole
Surgery pole
Woman-Mother-Child Pole
Medical Technical pole
  • Medical imaging
  • Laboratory of Medical Biology
  • Pharmacy and Sterilization
Resuscitation pole
Hospitalization pole

The emergency medicine center includes 4 examination boxes, including a staging room for sutures and dentists, and a large decompression room with easy access to the public, quick and easy communication with radiology and resuscitation. The medical imaging center located on the ground floor, owned by the clinic, is designed to be spacious and lighted in the light of day. It will have an independent entrance for the outpatients and will be equipped with advanced equipment, scanner included. The laboratory of medical biology, properties of the clinic also has an independent entrance for the outpatients and will be completely equipped in order to avoid the outsourcing to which one resorts certain other establishments and his glance thus the chain of the responsibilities.