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Quality of care, ethics, listening
Means adapted to a quality of high-end service.
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An institution serving patients of all nationalities.
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A first-rate health care team
Observation de la Polyclinique IBN KHALDOUN

Multidisciplinary clinic in Sfax

In designing our Polyclinic, the slogans we set ourselves were:

Conviviality, comfort, hygiene, quality and safety. Our goal is to provide our Patientele with the most specialized care by offering them an environment conducive to healing and privileging innovations, because our desire has always been to reconcile rigor, modernity and humanism.

The result, both functionally and architecturally, is up to our ambitions. It corresponds to what we are entitled to expect today from a real care establishment, with real centers of excellence in all our areas of intervention, which are complementary to each other.

Thus a real rational and innovative architectural reflection had to be carried out, to grant the volumes, to harmonize the spaces, to rhythm the arrangement, to value the places as well as the personnel working there.

Functionally, the lobby and general public traffic with long elegant corridors and bright, inviting interior spaces have been arranged to be immediately readable. The various accesses of each pole were clearly expressed (critical care, consultations, hospitalization).

Medical imaging ibn khaldoun clinic

Medical imaging

Emergency room ibn khaldoun clinic

Emergency room

Medicine ibn khaldoun clinic


Surgery ibn khaldoun clinic


Resuscitation ibn khaldoun clinic


endoscopy ibn khaldoun clinic


Ophthalmology ibn khaldoun clinic


Maternity ibn khaldoun clinic


A friendly establishment

In this respect, our main concern has been to enhance the understanding of places by the simplicity of public traffic.

Emergency medicine 24/7

Includes 4 exam boxes including an act room for dentists and a large decompression room with easy access to the public, quick and easy communication with radiology and resuscitation.

The ambitions of a program

We have met the requirements of an ambitious program by designing true centers of excellence in the various specialties,

The best of medical practices

Our knowledge of the pathologies of the patients and of the interventions carried out in our region brings a qualitative content to the definition of the activities of our care establishment.

Capacité d’accueil

128 beds and places of which:

  • 44 surgical beds in 8 post-interventional beds (wake up) and 02 suites room,
  • 15 beds in obstetric gynecology, including 02 large suites room,
  • 12 beds for outpatient surgery,
  • 36 medical beds including 02 suites room,
  • 10 multipurpose intensive care beds,
  • 10 boxes of neonatology.
  • 06 operating rooms,
  • 01 endoscopy room,
  • 08 post-interventional surveillance posts,
  • 02 obstetrical blocks,
  • 04 birthing box,
  • A set of state-of-the-art conventional radiology equipment, including a scanner,
  • 01 monitoring area for intensive care (10 beds in multipurpose intensive care),
  • 02 isolation areas for infectious risk (in intensive care).
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