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          Woman-Mother-Child Pole
  • Obstetric gynecology
  • Neonatology
  • Pediatrics
  • Assisted Drug Procreation (ADP)

We intend to set up the largest neonatal resuscitation in Sfax with 10 beds and 4 of the best neonatologists in Sfax, with experienced staff in this area, allowing us to target a level 3 maternity with even transfers in utero. Childbirth is a happy event and it is inconceivable to treat a parturient like other patients. We have team 3 of the best gynecologists in Sfax and the staff will bring together the best midwives in Sfax. To provide maximum security, comfort and privacy, the maternity of our polyclinic allows the mother to live in the best conditions this happy event. For the safety of parturients, each delivery area will be equipped :

  • An individual constant monitor,
  • Anesthesia and resuscitation equipment,
  • Space for newborns and possible emergency actions,
  • An epidural will be offered to each parturient to relieve the suffering of childbirth and better enjoy the singularity of the moment.
The nursery, a key function for newborns.

An individual nursery adapted to each child is planned, with trained nurses (Senior Technicians) and experienced pediatricians specialized in neonatology. Babies are constantly at the staff’s fingertips, which will encourage breastfeeding.