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In designing our Polyclinic, the slogans we set ourselves were :



Conviviality, comfort, hygiene, quality and safety. Our goal is to provide our Patientele with the most specialized care by offering them an environment conducive to healing and privileging innovations, because our desire has always been to reconcile rigor, modernity and humanism.


The result, both functionally and architecturally, is up to our ambitions. It corresponds to what we can expect today from a real healthcare establishment, with real centers of excellence in all our areas of intervention, which are complementary to each other.

Thus a real rational and innovative architectural reflection had to be conducted, to grant the volumes, to harmonize the spaces, to rhythm the arrangement, to value both the places and the staff working there.


Functionally, the lobby and general public traffic with long elegant corridors and bright, inviting interior spaces have been arranged to be immediately readable. The various accesses of each pole were clearly expressed (critical care, consultations, hospitalization).

The development of a differentiated medical and logistic circulation tended to:


  • Promote exchanges between practitioners,
  • Preserve the confidentiality and the privacy of medical travel,
  • Optimize the movements of different practitioners.


A maximum of natural lighting inside the circulations is obtained thanks to the vegetated patios, adding more user-friendliness. Finally, the chromatic orchestration of the whole impulse movement and momentum, in accordance with a preponderant interior decoration, by a dynamic and original composition, clear warm.