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Phenomenon of plasma injections – rich by PRP platelet

19 January 2019
Phénoméne des Injections de plasma riche en plaquettes #PRP

Plasma rich in platelets PRP is now available at the ibn Khaldoun medical Clinic

Technical description of the PRP :

  • PRP is a potential therapeutic tool for promoting hair growth, and postulated as a new treatment for alopecia, both in androgenic alopecia and others.
  • Assure the homogeneity of the skin and correct the first tasks and stretch marks
  • Rejuvenate by boosting stem cells.
  • Allows deep regeneration and volume.
  • Increases the amount of fat tissue for deep injections (2 mm).
  • Injecting more deeply, so rejuvenation of the depth to the surface: immediate effect volumizing (remodeling)
  • Support the neoangiogenesis to the positive term: which is the formation of new vessels, therefore the revascularization of the injected zone
  • Hair loss woman: course of 6 sessions spaced 2 weeks apart, the first 3 stop the fall permanently and the last ensure regrowth and capillary vitality
  • Protect the integrity of the skin
  • Assure nutrition at the optimal position
  • Certified CE
  • Much less painful by sucking the skin before injecting
  • Specific depths.
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