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Category: News of Ibn Khaldoun clinic

28 April 2019
مصحة إبن خلدون

As part of the seventh congress of the urfologists’ association of sfax # AUS7 The polyclinic IBN KHALDOUN is pleased to host the workshop of laparoscopic surgery, Friday, April 26, 2019 #Live_surgey_Chirurgie_laparoscopique #Ateliers_Biopsie_prostatique

21 March 2019
les numéos de téléphone des différents services à la polyclinique IBN KHALDOUN

Phone numbers of the different services at the polyclinic IBN KHALDOUN

Services externe

  • Radiologie : 98 795 320
  • Laboratoire: 98 795 330
  • Ambulancier: 98 795 316

Services interne

  • Facturation: 98 795 306
  • Urgence : 98 798 340

1ère étage

  • Bloc central: 98 795 325
  • Réanimation : 98 795 304
  • Endoscopie : 98 795 328

2ème étage

  • Néonatologie: 98 795 319
  • Maternité (Service): 98 795 321
  • Matern
16 March 2019
Polyclinique IBN KHALDOUN

A recap of the warm welcome of the polyclinique_IBN_KHALDOUN to our friends Burkinabe. You are welcome at home

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13 March 2019
مصحة إبن خلدون

The polyclinic IBN KHALDOUN had the pleasure to welcome on 07 March 2019, the general director of the Bank of Tunisia, Mr. Mohamed El Habib Ben Saad, and Mr. Mohamed El Salami, regional director of the Bank.

This visit attracted the attention of the distinguished guests, who were informed of the quality of the technical equipment and health services

23 June 2018

Visit of the Middle East and North Africa Minister of State “Alistair Burt” with the British Ambassador at Tunisia, “Louise De Sousa” at Polyclinic Ibn Khaldoun

8 February 2018

IBN KHALDOUN wrought iron, a masterpiece by the master blacksmith Mohamed Hbib Mahjoub WHEN A POLYCLINIC CHOOSES TO BE CALLED « IBN KHALDOUN », BECAUSE WE ARE AFRICANS … We chose to call our Polyclinic « Ibn Khaldoun » for several reasons, in tribute to this illustrious Tunisian scientist of the 14th century Precursor of modern sociology, he was confronted with the loss of his parents because of an incurable disease at the time: the plague. In a way, it was a positive fact for humanity … Indeed, it may not have been expensive. to compensate for this cruel family loss by exploring its wider environment (society)? Did not he look for an anchor and finally find his roots there?

Our focus is on these two unique facts: How to help our patients overcome illnesses that affect their personal lives, by remaining socially responsible physicians ? The similarities do not stop there … Ibn Khaldoun did not he traveled to Fez to assume prestigious roles? For our part, before being founders of this establishment, our courses conceal professional experiences lived in Tunisia and abroad. This dynamic of openness to the other will not stop anytime soon: we continue to collaborate with many institutions in Europe, which are constantly appealing given our professional experience and our social fiber enriched by an

8 February 2018

La plus belle des histoires

Publié par Sahbi Ben Ayed sur vendredi 20 octobre 2017

The construction works of the new pearls in Sfax “Polyclinic Ibn Khaldoun” advance in step on.

8 February 2018

  nauguration of the new Polyclinic Ibn Khaldoun, Saturday, November 4, 2017 at 16h. Road of gremda km3, Sfax. Tunisia.

8 February 2018

The polyclinic IBN KHALDOUN is very honored by the presence of the Minister of Health and her counterparts from Guinea Conakry and Burkina Faso in our booth

8 February 2018

Installation in progress of 8 units: 2 lifts goes sick, 2 panoramic lifts, a lift of people, 3 rides dishes. Human and material resources up to the standards of quality. We made available:

  • 127 beds,
  • 10 000 m² of locals (including 2 basement), …
  • 06 operating rooms,
  • 01 endoscopy room,
  • 08 Post-interventional monitoring stations,
  • 02 obstetrical blocks,
  • 4 maternal delivery boxs,