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Ibn Khaldoun

8 February 2018

IBN KHALDOUN wrought iron, a masterpiece by the master blacksmith Mohamed Hbib Mahjoub


We chose to call our Polyclinic « Ibn Khaldoun » for several reasons, in tribute to this illustrious Tunisian scientist of the 14th century

Precursor of modern sociology, he was confronted with the loss of his parents because of an incurable disease at the time: the plague. In a way, it was a positive fact for humanity … Indeed, it may not have been expensive. to compensate for this cruel family loss by exploring its wider environment (society)? Did not he look for an anchor and finally find his roots there?

Our focus is on these two unique facts: How to help our patients overcome illnesses that affect their personal lives, by remaining socially responsible physicians ?

The similarities do not stop there … Ibn Khaldoun did not he traveled to Fez to assume prestigious roles? For our part, before being founders of this establishment, our courses conceal professional experiences lived in Tunisia and abroad. This dynamic of openness to the other will not stop anytime soon: we continue to collaborate with many institutions in Europe, which are constantly appealing given our professional experience and our social fiber enriched by an excellent knowledge of Tunisia and the African continent and their health issues, but also social issues.

We firmly believe that enrichment is achieved through openness and diversity. And in this respect, the African market is a priority … It can not be otherwise seen the potentialities it offers and the capabilities that we have.